Matajiwa would gracefully dive into it with equilibrium and life. Spiritual wealth. They write songs for their sacred benediction, and we are to religiously embrace it with wide open eyes and soul. The music is primitive, sprawling beyond the definitions of merely popular, digging into its Indonesian heritage roots and fusing it with a contemporary blues mentality and native rock undertone. Scattered with kettledrums, dances, and compassionate chants, they juggle with a cosmos dream named world music. We are compelled to tremble in solitude while celebrating mirth in the beauty of irony, reflection, and contemplation.

Matajiwa is Anda Perdana and Reza Achman.

They created the duo since 2011. There is nothing like them: Anda, the persona of a soft hummer who sings and strums the guitar with the warmth of a sun flare in his heart. Reza, the percussionist who revolutionized his conservative drum kit by creating his own instrument called drumcussion, and plays as if every day were a traditional festivity.

Their first full length two-series album was released in 2013-2014. It has seven songs each, roving the deepest mind with abundant range. Matajiwa is about energy. Their voices are the sounds of nature.

Close your eyes, and you will SENSE it.


30 July 1973

Anda Perdana is one of the purest singer – songwriter who was ever born in Jakarta, Indonesia. His voice is so beautifuly warm. The quaver of his vocal cords could pierce into your skin pores thus not often makes us creeps hearing him roaring, husky howling reach the edge of his breath. He is the soul of Matajiwa, who always sing from his deepest ticker of heart, and uncompare sincerity.

Anda known as the singer of “Tentang Seseorang”, a burst out song from Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?, the best selling teen movie in the history of Indonesian cinema. But it is already happening in year 2002, and his career obviously much more longer than that. Even since before that he has transversal cross; in 1993 he got his first experience for music recording with a group called Pop – its never been released. And then joined Bunga as a guitar player, an alternative rock band who has three full albums – the last two of them with Anda. Beside that, Anda also like to spend his time running around as a session guitar player for many artists and bands, such as Oppie Andaresta, Flowers, Potret, Imanez and again he got involved with the movie soundtrack business for Dunia Mereka and Pintu Terlarang.

In Medio was the turning point in Anda’s solo career, his full debut as a singer released in 2008. Brilliant five stars album where we can feel and hear his musing mind along great composition of music pile from big local echelon artists as his guest musician like Aksan Sjuman, Anto Hoed, Indra Lesmana, up to Didit Saad, Nikita Dompas and Riza Arshad.

After that, he return to adventures himself from one band to another and playing back and forth in some Jakarta’s music clubs. Now, together with Reza he get the revelation for Matajiwa as his home, to pour out all the musical idea.

Reza Achman

29 September 1971

Before settling down for twelve years in Sydney, Australia, he was a drum school student who delight in jazz but playing rock music in a band called Naked Soul and almost break into national wide music industry in the early 90s. But then failed and the band dismissed. Soon after he made the decision to move to his birth place in Sydney, Australia, he joined some local band there and at the same time he decided to go to Australian Institute of Music for formaly studied drum. At the institute, he figured out that formal education doesn’t suit him well, and then drop out for taking experiences directly as a stage musician. Three of his band had nailed the local indusry with an album releases: T.J. Eckelberg – Dehydrated at year 1998, Anything But Roy – Gong Baby at year 2001 dan Ubros – Flying High at the year 2007.

His convocation with the Indonesian madman artist, Sawung Jabo who also stay at Sydney has forever change his life. That’s the time when Reza find out about his drumcussion, a crossover instrument who mix full set of modern drum and some ancient percussion. There is no drum kick on his drumcussion stuff, he replace it with his left hand path stroking the floor tom. Then he joined Genggong, a world music group lead by Jabo. In 1999 they release Not Just Music as their one and only album, tour around Australia and broke up three years later. He was also active in several local Austalian staging theater and teach basic percussion.

He went home to Indonesia and still trying his luck in music industry, and released his work with two different bands, The Tomato – The Real Fresh Taste and Kid Immigrant – Jakarta’s Last Hope. Until he met Anda, his old friend who struggling to find a way out for his second solo album at that time. From there, the magic journey happened.

And now Reza have found his soul partner for his drumcussion idea. He also who gave name for Matajiwa. Reza is the eye of Matajiwa – his unpredictable kooky jazzy note is a gift that is owned by this duo.

Reza’s drumcussion consist of hi-hat, tom, snare and cymbals – two floor tom, two taganing and one set of Japanese Monk Woodblock.